Info bar clock is now a timer, how do I change it back to a clock?


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A screengab would be nice, together with the time you took the grab and your timezone!
I am not at home. Last night when I noticed it the display showed minutes : seconds and it was just counting up. At the time I noticed it the display counted up from 09:49 to 21:34. I even exited the game and restarted to see if it would reset back to a clock and it did not. After I got back into the game the counter was still going, like it was still counting even after I exited the game. I am not sure it I completely exited the game or just exited to the main menu.

If it is still doing this then tonight I will upload a screenshot.

If it is back to normal I will let you know.
Hate to break this to you OP, but a timer that increments every second and resets after 23:59 is often referred to as a clock....
It was a timer. I am Central time in the US and it is five hours behind the clock in ED. The timer did not match the time on my PC plus five hours and the minutes did not match. At 6:29 PM the clock did not say 23:29, it said 09:43 or whatever. The display was counting off seconds so it was not a clock.
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