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Hayo Coaster Friends!

We are now excited to launch our new Issue Tracker! The Issue Tracker replaces our Bug Reporting forums and can be accessed here:

To report a bug simply log in with your regular Frontier account and click 'Submit Report'. You'll then be given all the steps you need to let us know about any issues you have experienced.

On this site you can:
  • Submit issues
  • Follow the status of your reports
  • See which issues have been reported by others
  • Vote on which issues matter most to you
  • Search for specific reports
  • Help contribute towards existing issues
With the launch of our new Issue Tracker the Bug Reporting forums will now be archived and all reports will now use the Issue Tracker.

Thank you for all your support so far and for helping raise awareness of the issues that are affecting your gameplay!
Yeah, the bug forum was essentially killed off. We´re now a month after the latest add-on and also a month after the Issue Tracker was installed. And there is not one single issue listed as being confirmed. It´s sad!
Yeah - you need to get more people to confirm PC bugs, around 7 with reproduction details usually does it.
And that's the problem, ED may have enough people who vote for the bugs, but PlanCo, you're lucky if there's even one. Besides, i still can't log in there
(and i do know how to do that, no n00b-mistake, lol)

Tricktrack, please accept my apologies; I did not realise I had strayed into the PlanCo forums. I’ll see myself out :ROFLMAO:
Noooo, please, come back!!! It's so empty here! :cry::D


Community Manager
Just to clarify with confirmation on Issues. Issues are still investigated without confirmation from other players. The feature is there so that our QA team can quickly see if it is affecting other people but it isn't required to review the issue.
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