Into The Abyss And Beyond

Hello fellow commanders,

My name is ZuluNiner, I am an explorer dedicated to exploring the edge of space and attempting to push the limits of our current technology. I am currently on an expedition into The Abyss which started approximately 7 earth days ago. Once I reach The Abyss I plan on maximizing my jump range using premium FSD injection or Jet Cones were possible in an attempt to reach deep into The Solitude Void. Once I have entered The Solitude Void I am going to attempt to circumnavigate the milky way counterclockwise back to The Outer Arm Vacuus where I will deviate back into the bubble for a quick shore leave before setting back out to the destination where I deviated. I will finish my circumnavigation somewhere in the north western area of Silentium at which point I will reevaluate my situation and decide on my next course of action.

My first leg of the journey started in our historical birth system of Sol with Sagittarius A* as my destination. I am currently 8,992 ly from Sol and have already added over 90 systems to EDSM, discovered multiple high level geographical sites, discovered habitable planets, planets that are terraform candidates, and some very interesting system configurations. Once I reach Sagittarius A I will be continuing towards The Abyss as direct as possible aiming for the farthest reaches of known space in the eastern 1st quadrant. Hopefully I will find more interesting things and add more into the global database as I approach the first destination of my adventure and plan on doing as many jumps per earth day as possible.

I plan on using this thread as an interactive log of my adventure in which I catalog my experiences, post interesting and beautiful images, and interact with my fellow commanders as I reach into the dark emptiness of The Abyss. I want to thank you for any participation from the community before hand and look forward to our ongoing discoveries.


Fly safe, Fly Smart
I have arrived in Synookio LL-W B56-51 a trinary system at the edge of the Norma Expanse and the Norma Arm

Distance From Sol: 12,970 LY
Distance From Destination (Sagittarius A*): 12,929.35 LY

Since this is pretty close to half way from my destination I have decided to power down near the local Class M Red Dwarf star and get some rest. Below is some quick stats that I am tracking at the moment.

First System on EDSM: 163
Terraformable Planets: 1
Habitable (Earth like) Planets: 1
Dense Geological Site Systems: 4

And a pretty picture
I have passed the grid x coordinate -15000 putting me farther north than Colonia which was one of my reference points. I have decided to stop tracking some previously recorded statistics due to the fact that they were becoming meaninglessly large. I have encountered a large amount of void opal deposits throughout the Norma Arm as well as a vast amount of water planets and terraform candidates. I have sighted a lot less earth-like worlds, however the number is still large enough to make it irrelevant to track due to my incredibly linear course.

While traversing the Norma Arm I visited a few of the planets surfaces to resupply some materials I had used to get a good distance out of the bubble at the beginning. I was surprised at the amount of planets that were landable and contained large rich veins of minerals. Some of these veins were incredibly deep into the planets surface and in a few cases I was forced to control slide down large mountain like structures for several hundred kilometers. I am currently holding more minerals than I was when I left and some of the minerals I struggled to find large amounts of in the bubble were extremely plentiful from the edge of the Norma Expanse all the way through the Norma Arm.

Blu Ain IM-W C1-28 contained over 20 void opal deposits, some on planet rings and others in the many ice belts

Distance from Sol: 16,685 LY
Distance from Sagittarius A*: 9,214.88 LY
First EDSM Systems: 231

Also decided to add how much EDSM estimates I have in scan data since my last dock in Sol
Estimated scan value since last docking: 44,577,024 CR

And as always, a pretty picture
No big discoveries have been made. I expect to reach Sag. A* tomorrow around this time.

Distance from Sag. A*: 4,219.80 LY
Distance from Sol: 21,680 LY
Estimated scan value since last docking: 81,171,407 CR (Showed 103m earlier)
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