News Introducing new Community Manager, Will!

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Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Howdy Commanders!

I'm really excited that it's finally time to announce to you all that I've joined the community team here at Frontier!

You're likely to meet me on some streams with Ed and Bo very soon, but before that, here's a little bit about me:

In Elite Dangerous, I pride myself on being a glorified taxi driver for the super-rich, flying to and from the center of the galaxy! Aside from ferrying folks from system to system, and accidentally zooming into black holes, I'm a big fan of the lore surrounding Elite Dangerous and can’t wait to learn more about it!

With the rise of the Thargoid threat, I'll be relying on you all to give me some combat tips... even taxi drivers need to be prepared!

We've got an exciting year ahead of us for Elite Dangerous and I'm pleased to be part of it – and can't wait to see what you think of the upcoming content!

Outside of Elite Dangerous and in the wider world, I'm a HUGE gamer, avid chocolate-fiend, and while I wouldn't describe myself as an Otaku, always appreciative of anime-related memes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to respond!

Signing off for now,

CMDR Will (not my in-game name!)
Good luck, Will. Ya may well need it!

Na, as long as you stay away from discussions on PvP you should survive.

o7 and fly safe Community Manager Will. ;)
Hi Will and welcome to the ED community!

Taxi driver eh? Well for the safety of your passengers I think you owe it to yourself to make sure you know the limitations of your vessel should you encounter a sudden cabin depressurisation. Luckily the Buckyball Racing Club Safety Group are currently running a race ahem training course designed for just such an eventuality! Click my signature to sign-up and make those last 25 minutes count!

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