Inverted Robotic Arm, Advanced Log Flume and Variable Speed

Hi there!

I love to build complicated track rides, for example huntsman or tracker with multiple vehicles traveling together (linked by a coaster chain) or the robotic arm ride, which is a great way to simulate flying trough scenes.

I have 3 "new" ride suggestions though:
1) Advanced Log Flume Ride: A log flume ride on steriods: steeper drops, possible airtime hills and special ride-direction reversers. Example of this ride would be Chiapas in Phantasialand

2) Inverted Robotic Arm Ride: The same as the current Re-Motion ride, but where the vehicles are suspended under a track. Can be used to simulated guests being in drones/planes/helicopters, and give a lot more creative freedom to build for example a stunt-ride with the studios pack See attached image.
Inverted Robotic Arm.png
3) A people mover with variable speed. The Macchina Classica with variable speed would be a great example. It could work the same way the huntsman/tracker/re-motion rides are built, with an extra slider for speed on each trackpiece. This would allow much more complicated and more exciting track rides.

And ofcourse, to increase capacity on low capacity rides like re-motion: seperate load- and unload stations.. But I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask for this feature.


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