Is anyone else getting system chat messages from systems they're no longer in?


See above. As you can see, I made a jump in the middle of this conversation. I shouldn't have been in the chat any more to receive the followup replies.
I don't even know if the first guy saw my reply or what system he's sending it from.

The weird thing is I'm sure this has happened before - I passed through the system where everyone was mining for the CG a few weeks back, and my chat was getting idle chatter about mining even when I was a dozen jumps away.
Yes, I've experienced this since release. I've had this in Open after visiting CG systems (which were completely empty for me at the time), yet I still saw chat from people in those systems long after I left. I was also briefly in a PG after launch and the same thing happened there. It doesn't resolve itself until you exit to the main menu and log in again.
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Same thing happened to me when I participated in the CG to support Yuri. After I left, the chatter didn't stop. I ended up hiding system chat.
Few weeks ago I've got something like one hundred of CMDRs rejecting my friendship request (as no one wants to be my friend apparently :D :D :D )... all those appeared in the chat, but for sure the messages were referring to requests I've sent since few months or so.
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