Is ED played by mostly "Old Ducks" like me?


It would appear that I'm 52 tomorrow. The first Elite was popular when I was at college, studying computing - It was all their BBC micro got used for at lunch times.
I've been with ED since kickstarter / alpha, still loving every minute of it. I have a few weeks off every now and then, but still enjoy coming back to it and playing.

My favourite version was the incredibly buggy, but great fun FFE - even with the dodgy videos etc.

And 'Old Duck' - 52 is not old - at least not once you reach it, it suddenly becomes very young :)
I'm 50 this year and started playing Elite on the BBC microcomputer at school. The game was groundbreaking at the time. I've played across many platforms including Acorn Archemedes, Nintendo, commodore 64, speccy 48k, PC and now PS4.

The game is awesome although my wife and kids don't get it... I get dewy eyed still playing it.
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