Is it me or.....?

I've read in the official update topic that a lot of pc players suffer from dropping framerates but I experience the opposite.
I run in 4k quality mode but it seems a lot smoother then before, in station things look a bit more crisp too and the engine bloom is less ehh bloomy imho.
Yeah, the game overall is smoother, aside from the bugs. I play PC with FX settings off, and it's gotten better, so I assume that applies to all y'all console folks too
Still updating my HCS voice packs so I can have a look at the new update...can't play without Voice attack any more since old age has withered my braincells to the point I can't remember what HOTAS bindings I had set :rolleyes:
I've got a cracking good PC rig...why should I have to completely turn 'OFF' a quality setting just to get playable frame rates? Why?

IF this is not another 'bug' then it's another definition of insanity!
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