Is it possible to save rides/save structures? If so, how?

I am guessing it is possible to save individual rides... somehow. But is it possible to save like custom built houses/buildings etc so that I dont have to recreate them (or if I want to change parks, but import something I had in a previous park?)

I am guessing since a building is made up of individual pieces... that the answer is no. But I am hoping that it is possible.

What kind of options are there for pulling things out of a park and reusing them somewhere else?
Does this stuff get saved in folders that are usable down the road?
Obviously there is the copy and paste option in the same park but I dont believe you can transfer to another park... yet. You may have noticed the 'blueprint' option thats greyed out, this is for that purpose I believe.
I was just wondering about the same thing. I would also like to be able to "copy" coasters and buildings between parks. Sometimes you can start a park and discover it is not working the way you want but some buildings or coasters are good.
Or you's downloaded an other player's park and like one of the structures that you would like to have in your park.