Is this hacking or not

Cannot provide a video, but I have seen a cmdr, whose name I cannot disclose because of forum rules, who seemed like he combat logged because I did not see the flash of the ship jump.

I Immediately low waked and he was in front of me in sc. Interdicted again and exactly the same thing happened. Might be wrong but again with no hyperdrive charging notice he disappeared again in the same fashion.

I reported him for hacking especially because of the absent hyperdrive charged notice and the fact that he was in SC afterwards.

Could this be also because of poor connection on his behalf and subsequent desync?
No, this is a common bug related to instancing and the borked netcode. Often doesn't show the animation when low waking. Since he was in SC afterwards it really sounds like a regular low wake. Ofcourse other factors come into consideration but judging solely from the missing animation, it simply is a common bug. When he is not getting instanced with you every time then say thank you to the instancing system. Quite sad that garbage development makes the community think that people are hackers despite it's "only" just another bug.
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