Issues with Position Snap

So I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, or if something changed, but somewhere along the updates the position snap of some objects have become wonkey. Especially noticeable in plaster pieces recently, it just never really centers on wall or floor/ceiling pieces.

Here's two examples. Both were placed on top of the floor piece, which then make it almost 15% rotated. Although you'd expect that they'd be centered right away, I can live with having to rotate it once. But the fact that they're always slightly off is infuriating to say the least, because these small changes can end up being massive by the end of it.

I'm pretty sure it worked at one point in time, but in one of the updates something really went wrong. I'm not sure if this is really a bug; but it's annoying to say the least :p
oO Oh, okay, obviously I am not too dumb to building lately. I have a similar problem where it leads to objects not being straight, even when put on a straight wall. The last update messded up a lot with building (including the axes). It's that one time I am not pleased with Frontiers quality testing (or lack thereoff in this update).
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