Its A Boy!

Maybe Im the only one...
But, it seems like my breeding program is producing all males. I have 5 enclosures, with 6 different animals. And, all of them are having males. (Other than exhibits, which seem to produce females fine)
Im having to buy a female of each species, like every few years. Cant have a good breeding program, if you get nothing but males. And, most of the time, looking for a female on the market, is in vane. I spend forever refreshing the store hoping a female will pop up. If it does, it outrageously priced. And, if you dont have a great breeding program going, you dont really get the CC you need to keep buying good females. (if you can find them)
Not griping, just seems noticeable in the percentage of male to female births.
My Cheetah's produced I think 4 girls and 2 boys (two different litters) and my Ardvark finally had a girl with her third pregnancy sooo...It might just be bad luck for you. 😅
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