I've done it: Basilisk Solo!

I must say this is a big step up from the Cyclops and I've only done it with premium ammo and optimising my build further, with repair limpets (which really saved my ). Had a tough time taking out the swarms this time for some reason.
As I had problems with aiming while orbiting, I took a different approach and it kinda worked, until I messed it up which lead to an intense finale.
All in all, it still was my very first attempt actually, just like with the Cyclops. Do I spend too much time analyzing fights before actually doing them? xD
Video here:
Source: https://youtu.be/20KcCRTlETo
Watched at lunch.
That was great, proper heart in mouth when it became enraged while you were trying to finish the second heart, and then finishing off the last heart without a canopy, kudos o7
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