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"We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our strategy? I can say: It is to Explore and Catalogue the Unknown Galaxy. To War against the Thargoids, in space and on the worlds of the Bubble, with all our might and with all the strength. To Wage War against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalog of human crime. That is our Strategy ."

Join the Raptor Talon Galaxy.....

Save the Galaxy

Greetings Commanders! I'd like to add to what Haper has posted, provide a little more information on just who RPTG is, and what we can offer you. The Raptor Talon Galaxy is the fleet arm of our faction the Regional Paramilitary Guard in the Saffron system. We serve under the banner of Princess Aisling Duval. Most of us are in NA, but do have a few EU players.

Here are some of the things we offer:
  • We have an active and dedicated Elite Dangerous group with ongoing missions almost every weekend.
    • Combat missions, station repair, civilian rescue, Guardian exploration, Anti-Thargoid operations, etc.
    • Last month RPTG was able to FULLY repair Karachkina Orbital at HIP 9141.
  • An active fleet for all three rolls – trading, combat, and exploration.
    • Each fleet has its own dedicated Fleet Carrier, and RPTG can bring up to 4 FC’s to its operations at this time.
  • Occasional R&R with activities like SRV racing.
  • Involvement in the BGS and the greater Imperial effort with over 12 allied units.
  • Website support, dedicated TeamSpeak, Discord, Slack, and Inara profile.
Let us know if you are interested in joining, or just stop by to say hello!

Warm Regards,
Star Commander VileKnight

Inara Squadron:
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Yo bro's I have not played the game in a long time! But I am getting my new hotas today and my pc is a monster with VR so I plan on taking to space all day everyday... I have some money and some ships but its been quite a while since I played. Add me on discord Jehan#3374 or msg me on here or something maybe to reply. Not sure if you guys have like certin things I need to do.
ok I will get you added to discord, Can you please send me your email and I will add you to or slack, and we still use old TS3 for comms.
Harper Steel turns towards Star Commander Saint Dane:With your permission I will speak to the Commanders now.
The Thargoids have sent us a message.....that they can take from us whatever they want, they know the location of our Home worlds and can attack them at will. They know that none of the Factions can stop them. Well The Raptor Talon Galaxy will send them a Message back. We will Fly as fast as the Solarwind....we will tell all the other Factions to come. We will tell the People of the Bubble that the cry of freedom Calls to us... It is time to retake our lost Worlds. Will you fly now with The Raptors on wings of Glory!
My Brothers and Sisters of the Empire we will show the Thargoids that they can not take whatever they want from US!
That the Bubble is our worlds and we have come to reclaim them.....
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