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Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hello everyone!

2019 is nearly coming to an end and it's been an incredible year for Frontier: we've seen new flight cadets earning their wings in Elite Dangerous' revamped starter experience, released multiple content packs for Jurassic World Evolution (with Return to Jurassic Park on its way!), weren't afraid of no ghosts with Planet Coaster Ghostbusters AND announced Planet Coaster: Console Edition, and of course: we took a wild ride with Planet Zoo. None of this would be possible without our amazing communities and all of the wonderful feedback and support we've received throughout the year. We've made some amazing memories, and hopefully you did too!

Get ready for February!

Now, as December is usually a very busy time for us (and this year looks no different!), we've been looking at a new home for our usual annual 24 hour charity stream. We still love hosting the stream, raising awareness and money for charity, and spending time with our communities - we just wanted to find a more suitable time during which this takes place. Therefore, we're super excited to announce that we will be joining GameBlast in 2020!

From Friday 21 February midday until Saturday 22 February midday (time in UTC) we will be live from the Frontier studio with 24 hours of fun, all in order to raise as much money as possible for SpecialEffect - a charity very dear to our hearts. Together we've raised over £150,000 for this amazing cause in previous years: money that goes a long way to transform the lives of gamers with physical disabilities, done by extraordinary professionals who give up their lives to care for others. What could be more special?

We will of course be filling the day with gameplay challenges, community chats, developer dares, giveaways and more!

We cannot wait to put the 24 hour livestream in a new jacket and join GameBlast20, an amazing opportunity for lots of us to support a great cause. Thank you for all of your ongoing support, and we hope you're excited to join our celebration! Remember: all of this is in aid of SpecialEffect, so every little bit counts as it makes a huge difference in someone else's life.

See you in February 2020!
Oh, that's greatalways wanted to participate more and before christmas it's difficult...
Well, I'll be on holidays that week, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to join there due to internet connection, but I will try and be there as much as possible :)

Really looking forward!
Great cause! I have a physical disability as well. I just can not walk very good and use a walker. I don't need any special things to play games, but I can relate to how important it is for people with disabilities and especially children to just spend your time like everybody else does. It means a lot to me that Frontier as a company is joining this cause. Makes me even prouder to be part of this awesome community. You all rock!
Well done to all at FDev for running another 24hr marathon for such a great cause, and well done to the lovely FDev community for being so amazingly supportive in previous years.

See you all there. Although. Not for the entire 24 hours.
Bread has to feature in some way though or its no deal.

For example:

How many sandwiches can you make while fighting in a CZ?

How many flatbreads can you make from scratch going to Hutton?

Match the sandwich filling to Powerplay leader

Can you make an accurate representation of a Sidewinder...from bread?

I mean, who does not want a ED/ bread skit at 3AM in the morning?

I don't think I've ever seen such a positive spin put on the phrase "Christmas is cancelled" before. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Hmm, I agree. I'm happy to support charity and Christmas seems like the perfect time to do it - it is the time for giving after all. I'm afraid that for me a Frontier 24h livestream won't be the same without Christmas/Winter jumpers and silly hats. Will I join you in February at the weekend when I will be with my family rather than at work therefore able to listen/watch when I'm at my desk? Probably not :(

But good luck and enjoy yourselves :)
OK so it won't be this Christmas, but it's good to see you're still having a charity livestream. I've marked it in my diary and I'll be sure to tune in.
So excited to see you guys doing the Livestream again - especially with such a great cause attached to it! I'll have to see if there is anyway I can partly livestream JWE whilst you guys are live! :)
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