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I have updated the top post in the thread with v18 docs for 3.0.4

Awesome work, thanks!

Quick follow-up question: Is there a chance we'll get the Universal Cartographics payout per-body at some point? (as opposed to the sum per-system or per-page, as is currently implemented)


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Would it be possible to clarify which values the LegalStatus of the ShipTargeted event can take?
The possible values here are: "None", "Unknown", "Lawless", "Clean", "Wanted", "Enemy", "WantedEnemy", "Warrant", "Hunter"
"WantedEnemy" means they are both Wanted - ie have a bounty on them, and they're a Powerplay enemy

I have yet to see Hunter, None, Lawless and Warrant. Are all of these currently used in ED?

I'm guessing that:
- Lawless is when scanning a ship while in an Anarchy.
- Warrant is for a KWS scan that reveals a bounty.

No idea about Hunter and None. Any hints?

Also, does Unknown mean something or is it a bug? Seems odd that it's not a temporary state and shows up in the journal...
Any news on when we can expect journal entries for power play murder events not covered by existing bounties?
eg when in anarchy space and there are no bounty vouchers going on.
We used to get events for 0cr bounties; but now we get nothing - making it impossible to record collected merits when destroying enemy ships.

Also another reminder that> global conflict states for system factions is still really important to us.
(eg if a faction in the current system is in a conflict else where in the galaxy we need to know about it, because it effects what can happen in the system we're in)

What about improvements in the next patch? Waiting 4 MissionCompleted event with correct influence. Currently no correct info about influence on reward selection...
currently working on a kind of ED second screen application but having issues with materials .. I have the unfortunate problem of not having discovered ALL materials yet so have some materials that do not show in the Journal, could anyone help me out here with that part of the JSON its the event: Materials part at the top of the Journal I need, preferably someone who has at least 1 of each material in the game
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