Journal Program

It would be nice for commanders to be able to write or log what they did, who they met or worked for and why in the game. Every commander has a story, and it's in their journals. GalNet editors can randomly use commanders' journals to tell a story or what happened in their weekly news. For example:

Commander's Journal - Marcus Daemon - 12 July 3305:

The engineer Felicity invited me after I met her invitation requirement. She said she would help me if I bring her some Meta-Alloy materials. But then I saw on GalNet that that material has been depleted and the search for more has been initiated.

I signed up with Aegis Research to help get the data on systems and delivered it to them on July 9th at The Oracle starport in the Delphi system. They paid me over 20 million credits for the data I collected during travel through the power region or a group of eleven super factions aside from the twelfth super faction since before July 4th. I think I'll buy that Keelback I wanted now that I have more than enough; can't wait to mine in it for that Meta-Alloy material.

Then after getting back from The Oracle, I moved from Ay Indi to LHS 4046 system to live there as my permanent residence. Shawl Hub planetary port seemed like a busy place and close to the Malchiadi starport.

This journal example would help follow what is going on from the commander's point of view and enhance communication with other commanders.
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