Joystick upgrade. Whole new QoL

Get a warthog.

When you watch modern sci-fi movies- they don’t use an X56 they use a Warthog or rarely a Vir Pil

You get to say “Hey that’s my stick”

As long as you remember it won’t make you a better pilot. As far as I know the Pros use mouse and keyboard.

They use the original X-52 with some spray paint on it, because it looks more spacey. I’ve seen it several times.

These days, that’s about all my 52 Pro is good for, since it kills any computer it’s attached to.
I do like the T16000M but it doesn't look like they hook together and they have to cos they will be sitting in my lap not on a stand/table, same with the X52.
X-Flight for me.
All those buttons- nice to get as much off the keyboard as I can :love:
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