June Monthly Catch Up!

Lydiah Moon

Community Manager
Hey PlanCo Fam!

It's time for another Planet Coaster Monthly Catch Up! We can't believe we're just about halfway through 2022, it seems like the year's flying by! Today we're bringing you all the latest from the Planet Coaster community in June, so let's take a closer look!

Community Creations

As per usual, we saw some absolutely incredible creations from the Planet Coaster community this month. Let's take a look at some of our favourites!

Dilmington Resort.png

Welcome to Dilmington Resort by Piratecookie! This phenomenal coaster park combines some incredible blueprints that were all created by Piratecookie themself! Let's step in and enjoy all the exciting rides!

Italienische Finca.jpg

Soak in the sun with Italienische Finca/Italian finca by StrolchHH! We're absolutely in love with the warm colours and can't get enough of the angles on this beautiful build.

Lost City.jpg

Thrill seekers will absolutely love this one! Welcome to the Lost City by Greeny321838, filled with dark rides and spooky sounds, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, It even has an underwater ride!

Pride Coaster.jpg

We can't forget the magnificent Pride Coaster by Keyotsumi. This coaster is super colourful and fun, sure to brighten your day! Definitely check it out for more vibrant angles of this lively park build!

That's everything we've got to share with you in our June Monthly Catch Up, but we'll look forward to seeing you for July's! 💙
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