Know Your Dino - Which Dinosaur Have We Zoomed In On?

It's time once again to play Know Your Dino! Which dinosaur have we zoomed in on in this picture? Check back tomorrow for the results.

During some hard work, looking and searching as to what it is, I couldn't find out what dinosaur this may be. I looked at the Rainforest dinosaurs, only because there's bright blue in that picture, because blue is the color that the gene option gives its dinosaurs, and nothing familiar. I looked at the Muttaburasaurus vivid skin in-game, but it wasn't a good match. Edmontosaurus has blue heads for some of its skins, but neither didn't match.

I still wanted to figure out what it may be, until... something came to mind..........

It's not something on the base body of a dinosaur, but on a crest of a dinosaur!

The first thing that came to mind was the Olorotitan. I went to the game to see it up close and personal for myself, and sure enough, both it and the image are an exact match!

So, it's the crest of the Null gene Olorotitan!
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And here is the correct answer:


When I was 14 or 15 I was watching television and a commercial for Chase Bank was on. The background music for that commercial was “Skin to Bone” by the The Jungle Giants, another Aussie band worth checking out and also old friends with the dinos.

Anyway I Shazam’ed the commercial and figured out who the artist was. Spent the rest of the night in bed jamming out to The Jungle Giants and needless to say I became a huge fan of them.

Fast forward to that summer, I was listening to The Jungle Giants radio on Pandora, when Purist came on. I was immediately obsessed. I had never heard a band whose songs I liked more in my life. It seemed like every song was different but it still spoke to me and I loved them all. Here I am today, having gone to their first US tour and met Lach and Sloane, plus I got to high five Sean. Mark my words Sean I will meet you formally someday.
Needless to say that had I not been in that room watching that random chase commercial I wouldn’t be here today having found the greatest band of all time. Pretty crazy to think about.
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