Komodo Collective of E:D player groups

The Galactic Intelligence Agency, The Relentless, Na'Ama Wing and Winged Cobra Tribe are proud to announce the foundation of the Komodo Collective.
December 16th, 3300


The Komodo Collective is an association of smaller player groups in order to share their resources, to present more choices to their members, and to stand up as a union to the public.

The Komodo Collective is not an alliance, some of its member organizations are hostile towards each other. We try to build a gaming community in the Elite: Dangerous universe around the idea that in-game enemies can be friends as players, and that this can lead to interesting game-play.

Komodo does not exist in-game. At least to us, our member organizations do exist in the game, and we kindly invite the public to play along with that.

All our member organizations remain autonomous, maintain their own website and forum as (and if) they desire and play the game in any want they want.

Several of our groups are role-players, but non-roleplayers are welcome too - provided they can tolerate others roleplaying and refrain from OoC talk in RP channels. We would like to be a place where folks can try RP without having the feeling they have to. We also offer several OoC channels.

Most of us play in Open mode, but for events we may gather in private groups. We are eagerly awaiting wing/alliance mechanics in open play. We do not care how players of our member organizations play while not participating to Komodo Collective events.

While several of us are PvP oriented, we are all opposed to griefing, and many of our commanders will actively hunt griefers. However, our member orgs may have their own definitions of what exactly griefing is. Please check their forum or their Rules of Engagement for details.

The Komodo Collective organizes friendly or hostile inter-group events and encounters, and offers a shared Mumble voice chat server with dedicated channels for our member orgs.

Mumble Server: Komodo Collective Voice Chat
Address: xxx.xxx.xx.xx
Port: xxxxx

List of Komodo Collective member organizations:

The Relentless: pirates, assassins, rogues, outlaws, jaywalkers & villains

Na'Ama Wing: Deep Space Exploration & Logistics

Winged Cobra Tribe: dreamers & searchers, warriors

Galactic Intelligence Agency: Federal Covert Security

Blue Orchid Network: smugglers, bootleggers, claim jumpers & economic criminals


Update: The Komodo Collective has been dissolved on June 14th 3301. We had a lot of fun together.
The Relentless and the Galactic Intelligence Agency have been dismantled.
The Winged Cobra Tribe and the Na'Ama Wing remain active as independent organizations.

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It's official now, and right in time, thank you Old Boar! You're awesome! :D

Guys, we're all friends here, even if some of us are hostile in game... Hope to see you in 3300! :p
Guys, we're all friends here, even if some of us are hostile in game... Hope to see you in 3300! :p

WiCoT Rules of Engagement, article 7: "Respect the players who are hostile to us: taunt and kill their commanders." :D

Cool stuff, would be nice to put some kind of a commander list to add friends in game.

I suggest we do that in the closed section of The Relentless forum and/or Wicotee forum.
Anyway, you can already add those you see on Mumble or join the in-game Old Boar, Fremen and Blatant groups and add those you see there.

Blue Orchid Network is happy to be affiliated with the Komodo Collective, even if our numbers are small...

Welcome! All our groups are small, but the game is young and we are ready for growth.

I guess the real action for us as a collective will start when FDEV adds wings/alliances to the game and fixes the current netcode. Until then we organize events in private groups, but this still has great technical problems. We will announce an inter-group event here soon.

We have an interesting mix here of role playing non-griefing PvP player groups, it would be nice if some Imperial or Alliance groups would also join (and more Federation & independents are also most welcome) because then we can play about every kind of conflict in the galaxy.
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Independent freelancers are always useful in a group like this

Yes, that is true.

While Komodo has player groups rather than individuals as its members, independent commanders are most welcome to play with us.

Just join us on Mumble. If you are an outlaw, you can join the Relentless forum, independent commanders are welcome there. Na'Ama Wing and Blue Orchid are both interested in working with external contractors. If you want to be a friend of the Winged Cobra Tribe, you are welcome to register as a guest at our website.
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Blue Orchid Network sound like my kind of people and I'm in that sector of space. How do I get started with you guys?

There are several ways to get in contact with the Blue Orchid Network:
  • Join The Relentless forum, as Blue Orchid is a part of Relentless (Relentless is not really a guild, but rather a collection of independent or organized outlaws and gangs).
  • Visit the Sapphire Lotus, perhaps introduce yourself there.
  • Join the Komodo Collective Mumble Server, Blue Orchid has a channel there. Address: Port: 64739
  • Send a PM to Cmdr. Alhazred, or add him to your in-game friends list.
  • Get a blue orchid tattoo on the back of your hand. Somebody will contact you.
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Deep Space Underground Railroad

Winged Cobra Tribe gladly announces the inception of the Slave Liberation Squad.

Liberate yourself by joining us, then liberate others.

Freedom for all!
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[EVENT] Big Bounty Battle 2

>> I'll update this post whenever I've got new info on this. <<

The Big Bounty Battle 2 is open for anyone who wants to join the event. It's a joint operation game event of the Komodo Collective, but you don't have to be a member to particiapte this event.


The Big Bounty Battle 2 is a challenge to find out who is the most evil villain amongst us. :D

To participate, one have to clear his bounty (and fines), make a screenshot of it and post it here on the start date, and go rampage after that. The aim is to have the largest possible bounty on his head in a week. At the finish date one should make another screenshot of his bounty and post it here. The price is some credits *, and after the event we could hunt him down. :)

Event details

  • When? January 4-11, starts in the morning and ends in the evening.
  • Where? ROSS 490, an independent high tech system near the Sol region (more info below).
  • How much? The prize is 4T of Performance Enchancers (per participants) bought at Dunyach Enterprise (save up for it!) *

ROSS 490 is an independent, corporate, high-tech refinery system around the Sol region. It has a nav beacon, and a station nearby: Dunyach Enterprise, which has good modules and it's just 500 Ls from the star itself. The station sells Performance Enchancers for 6.500 Cr. Another 30 Ls away there is an outpost: Citi Dock which has black market, and 3 very crowded (!) resource extractation sites nearby. Personal note: I've interdicted and killed a Hauler, and got almost a 10.000 Cr bounty on my head.

* The previous winner was Cmdr Ciger, and he never received his prize. I think he should get the same amount on the finish date!

Participants of the event

Anybody can join this event! You can be an individual who just wants to have fun, or a Komodo Collective group member.

The Winged Cobra Tribe is in, here's the brief, but straight message from the Chief:

Cmdr Old Boar said:
We will hunt you!

The Na'Ama Wing is also in, the head of the group has sent me a message with a nice surprise:

Cmdr Darius Torkalar said:
Also, I don't mind donating some of the prize... Na'ama Wing is happy to be the sponsor of 25 tons of palladium :)

The Blue Orchid Network of smugglers will also participate according to their master, Cmdr Alhazred.

Voice communications

We will keep in touch via Mumble, so if you want to chat while playing, follow the instructions below:
  1. Download the client from the Mumble website!
  2. Install and run it, then click on 'Add new...'
  3. Address:
  4. Port: 64739
  5. Press 'Ok', then 'Connect'.
  6. You might need to set up your audio at 'Configure/Audio Wizard'.
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Oh yeah I've forgot to add that you should put me on your friends list, if you want to see us in game! :) My in game name is Fremen -- surprise! ;)

The event itself will be ongoing for a week, you can play it whenever you have time for it, but I think most of us will be online in the European evening hours (so then we can chat or play together).

I'll post here the place for the event tomorrow, I'm going to find a suitable place tonight.
Let's get this started! I'm posting my screenshots here for reference:

They prove that I've cleared all my bounties, I have no fines, I'm at Ross 490 and I start it on the 4th:




I'm going to win this. I just feel it! I already love the prize I'll get! :D
Let's get this started! I'm posting my screenshots here for reference:

They prove that I've cleared all my bounties, I have no fines, I'm at Ross 490 and I start it on the 4th:

I'm going to win this. I just feel it! I already love the prize I'll get! :D
A Na'Ama Wing Task force is scheduled to depart Alioth in the next 24 hours... :D

Any other commanders wishing to join our fight against galactic piracy can find more info about Na'Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration and Logistics (and now bounty hunting!) on our website :)
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