Krait MKII exploration build, cockpit view

There are a few things I would change.
First, why no shields? And why have shield boosters if there are no shields?
If you don't have any weapons save on the distributor and upgrade the Thrusters.
What's the purpose of this ship if I may ask?
I would always have some basic shields on the ship and good thrusters for possible high G landings.
Maybe put on some Heatsinks, too.
I would also suggest to use a 6B scoop. That saves a lot of money for a relatively low t/s-scooprate loss.
For the cockpit view: No, that is a VR video.
Edit: you can also use a smaller Powerplant, just big enough to feed your modules, saves weight, increases your jumprange. Forget about what I said about the distributor, I've misread the numbers, you already have choosen a smaller one.
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If you're going exploring, choose the Krait Phantom. It loses the fighter bay option, but has a better range and is just as manoeuvrable.
Wait until Tuesday's upgrade, any you'll get another slot plus content.
In principle, you'll want max fsd (engineered for max range), thrusters (engineered for minimum mass and clean drives - less heat). Make sure that the thrusters allow you to boost.
Everything else should be as minimal as possible - add a mining laser in case you need to get fsd boost materials.
Add an autorepair unit, this consumes a lot of power, so disable it. When you need it, turn it on and disable everything else (I usually land)
Heatsinks are good, take 2. I needed them jumping into a triple sun system - right between all 3.
Hull repair controller may be useful, but not necessary, I used it twice when touring to Beagle point and back. Caused by heavy landings...
Enjoy the journy
Having looked at the build you've posted, OP. IMHO, I'd personally make these changes: Your Krait Mk II - Revised. I've also made the assumption that this is an intended explorer build? Seems you are using the beta site too. The one they prefer you to use is

As Thor points out shield boosters are redundant with no generator to buff up. Also Thor rightly mentions the 6B scoop. 6 secs on your fueling time isn't going to make much difference and will save you many CR. The only win there is a slightly lower power drain on that particular module. I've also doubled the SRV capacity, it's best to have a spare just in case. Heat sinks are a must.

As is the case with ANY ship It wouldn't really come into it's own until it's engineered, IMHO you'd do well for yourself unlocking all of the bubble engineers. ANd the guardian modules.

As another example here is the same build engineered up to G5 as a comparison to highlight the benefits of doing so. Also, please note the ability to fit undersized lighter modules in some cases to reduce overall mass, thereby increasing range.

As colprice2002 points out the Krait Phantom is also a pretty decent ship though it does lack a fighter bay. The build would be much the same.

Hope this helps with this and other ship designs. Happy holidays.
Thanks guys, it was late when I posted, simply forgot to input the shields! Have updated the link, I initially included the fighter bay for canyon flying and such. If I can get the Krait to 32-34ly that ought to get the job done.
I'll [mostly] try not to repeat what others have said.

I must've done over 100,000Ly beyond the bubble by now, and I always take class D shields (for your Krait II I'd just shove a 4D shield onto it. all you need is a tiny bit of shield buffer if you land on high-G worlds - which I technically consider anything over 1G - or if you have a tendency to land hastily/hard), and a D distributor (usually like for like, i.e. a size 6D into a size 6 slot. I very rarely if ever drop down a size for PD's).

And I've never once used an AFMU... I think they're pointless wastes of a module slot as well as energy draw, and have little reason to be on an explorer's ship. They can only repair modules, not hull or ship integrity (the invisible 'health bar' that degrades over time through routine SC flight, which can only be restored/repaired at stations. long range explorers routinely fly at 0% integrity). The chief threats an explorer faces are hull damage, and perhaps a few percent module damage if they're forced out of SC (that risk increases if the pilot is fond of risking boosts via neutron stars and white dwarfs).

As for Engineers? I completely disagree unlocking all of them in the Sol bubble is at all necessary. But if you want a good jump range, and want the option of traveling large distances quite quickly, then accessing the top tier of FSD upgrades is hugely beneficial. I always have G5 FSD, and always fit a Guardian FSD Booster, which are mostly a boring nuisance to unlock, but very handy, as they are 'stock' upgrades to your ship, i.e. you have a range of module sizes to fit, and can therefore just increase a new ship's jump range by buying a module - not expending resources on the rather boring Engineer 'gameplay' loop.

And you didn't ask for tips, but I'll leave you with a general pointer; once out of the bubble, shut down all inessential systems (shields, PD, cargo bay - which should, really, be disabled on all ships all the time unless it's being used - SRV/fighter bays, etc). It reduces fuel use in FTL travel (supercruise/SC), but also reduces your ship's thermal footprint, which may, depending on ship and ship build, allow you to spend longer in a star's corona(?) refueling.

Do remember to enable shields (and PD) if you want to land on a planet, though. I recently wiped out 75% of my Orca's hull on a shieldless impact. To be fair, it was on a 2.2G world orbiting about 1.6Ls from a white dwarf... so it wasn't a conventional landing by any means. But still, heat and mild panic be damned I should've ensured my shield was fully back up before risking smacking into the ground.

The longer you're out in the black/bright black, the greater your chance of making a mistake - and obviously the greater the risk a crash entails. That's all part of the charm, frankly.

Just read your most recent post whilst I was typing this; some people scoff at taking a fighter, but ideally I always want to simply for the change of pace, and view.

Btw, this is a rough draft of your Krait II. It's got 48Ly due to the G4 FSD upgrade (I've no idea if you have enough mats for a maxed G5), plus a size 5 Guardian FSD booster. Take those away and it comes down to about 27, so an Engineered FSD and a Booster make a huge difference. You'd get 51Ly with a G5 drive plus Booster. My Orca has a max of about 56Ly, I think, and that's without fully min-maxing for mass reduction.
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