Landing gear button mode "hold"

Just like you get for the cargo scoop in the control options.
Double flicking a toggle switch for gear up/down just isn't right.[hotas]
I do get where you are coming from and agree it would be a nice option for FD to add and arguably should have been in ED from day one. Similarly, ANY/ALL buttons that can be effectively considered a toggle should have a Hold/Toggle configuration option.

On my previous HOTAS stick (Thrustmaster Warthog) it has quite a number of stateful toggle switches on the throttle unit but on my newer HOTAS (Logitech X-56) all the toggle switches are double-pole momentary switches.
If you really think about this you can do this very idea outside ED.
Not really, naturally mapping a press-and-hold control to a momentary switch is possible, but the reverse (naturally mapping a momentary control to a statefull switch) is not. The problem is you can soft latch a momentary switch but without physically changing the device you can not change a physically stateful switch to a physically momentary switch.
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If you really think about this you can do this very idea outside ED.
Not without injecting code into the game to read the game state or physically changing your controller, unfortunately. If you create an edge-triggered virtual button it could get out of sync and that's not good for user experience.

Pointless idea.
Pointless post.
Come back when you have something constructive to offer, because obviously given how this keeps coming up in the forums people would use this.
Yep; All two-state type inputs should have an option between bistable switch/momentary hold, and momentary toggling.
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