Latest Nvidia Graphios Driver - Low Latency Option

I`ve just been playing with ultra-low latency, 2880X2880 Custom High VR Presets.

Seem`s a lot smoother, Don't know if its the driver or the SteamVR + WMR beta updates.

Haven't been in combat yet, that will be tested tonight.

Station, Surface, zipping around in supercruise and collecting DE EE mats all A-OK.

I7 4820K @ 4.3 GHz Water-cooled
32 Gigs DDR 3 @ 1600Mhz
I-Chill X3 Nivida 1080 @ Stock power plan.
WMR Lenovo explorer

Also tested out World Of Ships, 30ms ping 120FPS, so far CPU no strain on the pc


Sorry for being too vague, it`s been a long night and I'm tired.
Good morning, and goodnight...

I`m out of here 🏴‍☠️🤟🏻
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