Latest stream has more dislikes than likes... FD are you listening?

At time of posting the latest live stream has more dislikes than likes... And even slightly negative comments were being censored, meanwhile, the game is broken in many ways worse than ever.
hardly any time was given to the server "update" which ironically included a fix for putting out fires... But mostly we just got MORE screenshot filler and CM's messing about with fa off,
please devote at least one stream a week with developer's present to answer our questions not DELETE them.
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As we can see here with nearly 200 whole responses this must be a representative sample of the community.

Its back to the Good Times™ of EDs content drought livestreams by the sounds of it.

Exactly mate :(

Dear Mr. Hat. I get the thinly veiled Hazzing comedy routine you employ to astroturf and derail any negative threads but you must like the game right? or is your plan to be the last one left in ED with all the Stuffz.

It is hardly derailing and turfing over your point really is it? Especially as I'm in agreement which you can glean from above. And of course I like the game, else I'd be a bit of a freak here for the fun of it, even though it is the interwebz. You have given me a good idea for a masterplan though - being the only villain left wiv all da stuphs!

So, I realize you're a bit peeved (being polite) and I got up your nose, but turfing over your thread and derailing it? Not really mate, bit of an overreaction to be fair. It's not like you haven't seen the bad jokes about stuphs before, but that's their point - they are bad jokes!

That is unless this is like the classic interwebz conversation, where both people get the wrong end of the stick? If that's the case then I will accept an Asp Scout as compensation, as I am clearly never wrong ;)

Reading back though, yeah I didn't share my opinion in my first post, but it was a forum tradition joke, and if I thought you were a prat looking for blatant attention and I didn't know you (for a long time), I would have probably been blunt, but I honestly didn't mean to antagonize you, and my apologies if I did in any case.

Either way, you know I'm here because I love the game and the current situation is pretty tragic. We can't make a headline out of the single set of numbers you have in the OP, but that doesn't stop it being a little alarming. And I wouldn't have known this had you not posted.

So while I probably look like a royal tool to those unfamiliar with this forum, you have known me long enough to know where I stand buddy, really. And sometimes when things suck, the best you can do is to laugh, and at the end of the day that was all I ever try to do with some threads here.

I probably should have put this in a PM, but I decided not to as there are going to be some reading this that don't get it - and it's not a problem to have a laugh whilst also being annoyed at FD, right?

Anyway, I'll leave it there. And where can I collect my free stuphs?

Sure, you can haz some of my popcorns if you're low on stuffz

Ah sweet, thanks StuBot! Duz yoo haz any spare modules? ;)
Well, what ever one may think of what is being asked or answered, or not, as it may be, I do wish a "news" stream would deliver its information in a short and concise form, and then end, rather than making you sit through long periods of watching other people than yourself (the CM:s plus guests) playing the game, and socialising with one another, and showing off screenshots, in the hope you might be attentive enough to catch the odd tidbit of actual news randomly being thrown off the top of somebody's head and floating past amidst the stream of information noise.
All they need to do is discuss problems they have experienced with performance mention what plans are.. e.g. will they introduce full dlss or new fsr.

List some ideas for future roadmap in summary we don't need details

There is a time to speak about things and a time not to... now is a time to discuss.
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