Launch - Lift - Blocks on All Coasters.

Planet Coaster is a game all about versatility so I pose a suggestion.
We have so many well-produced real world coaster types but with some slight additions, they could be so much more and I honestly believe would be so greatly received by the community.
LIM on the Hybrid coasters to make something like Lightning Rod
Blocks on the PowerUp/Maurer X-CAR for more versatile designs such as G-Force, Abismo etc
LSMs on the Interdimensional so we can create rides like Time Traveller
Ability to lock the swing on the Gold Rush
Block and chain lifts on Viper One so we can do rides like Volcano The Blast Coaster and Intamin Inverts
Launch on the DeGen to recreate Vekoma Coasters like Rock N Roller Coaster and Platform 13
Even just by adding the Duel Direction LSM with Breaking from the Viper one on to the other coasters allows so much more versatility in creating Shuttle coasters.

All these slight additions with no extra modelling in most cases which would blow the opportunities wide open.
Thankyou for your time, Id love to hear your thoughts on this.
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