Ships Lee Cheung is a punk!

One of the other engineers has a requirement of mining 500t of stuff.

You can combine the two options here by mining some gold... and osmium, etc etc to make all the tasks combine... gets those requirements done in a few simple tasks.

There are other good synergies available like this for engineer unlocks when you start looking...
Alright so now I have bought gold in laksak and so far Ive sold to two different stations in different systems. Yet when I look at my engineer tab the number of markets it says I have traded in has stayed the same. What gives?
Hold up, the gold must be donated to LC, but first you need to have traded at 50 markets. So buy 50 random cheap things, then sell them 1 at a time at different stations.
Well, having watched this (hint: fast forward to 5 hours, 35 minutes) I said to myself “screw it, I’ll just pay those few millions and be done with it”. I believe it’s the fastest way to unlock Cheung.
Especially when 10 million is only 10-20 tonnes of another mined mineral (depends on market obvs), buy the gold & mine something else more worth while.
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