Legacy Rides Collection

I believe Planet Coaster's next DLC, which will come out in June, will have these rides:

Flat Rides
4D Cinema (4D theater with 4 different films)
Betelgeuse (Mondial Top Scan - 36-seater version)
Double Wheeler (Chance Sky Wheel)
Gluon (Wisdom Gravitron)
Haunted House (Walk-through haunted house)
Shinobi (Mondial Top Scan - 30-seater version)

Legend (Mack Inverted Powered Coaster)
Mountain Ride (Wiegand Alpine Coaster)

Track Ride
Rocket Rail (Zamperla Aerial Ride)

Transport Ride
Dark Rail (Modeled after the Wuppertal Suspension Railway)

This new DLC will also be released along with a free update containing elevators.
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I would love to see 3D simulators in the game such as Soarin', & Star Tours. I also really want an omnimover like Disney's Haunted Mansion in the game!!
Here are some rides that I would like to see get added to Planet Coaster in the next DLC.

Whip Out

Rockin Tug

Spinning Bears

Miniature Kiddie Train

Crazy Submarine
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