Let's build sky islands. Remove Height limits, terrain limits and camera limits.

I want to build islands in the sky. Think trials fusion.

To build dungeons where coasters go the depths of the ground for a while along with paths.

To make this possible, we need to be able to build terrain that does not have to be attached to the ground. (like removing the legs off the golem picture and letting the terrain float in the air.)
The camera must also be able to float higher or lower as needed and be more free form.
Lastly coasters, rides, and paths must be allowed to be placed on the terrain that is not always flat or always on the ground. Like in a floating island or underground dungeon.

All of it seems possible and I'm sure it just about removing some limitations and pestering around some bugs. But the gains would be amazing.

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Example image
that would be interesting!
i really wonder who the game would be if it was more magical or fantasy, but they should make it so you could have both magical, AND realistic!
do i really want this to happen, i dont think it will happen :/
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It is true it is not realistic to have entirely free floating islands.

BUT, if you tie them together with pathways and other kinds of "supporting" things, you can in theory say it is man made islands made of very lightweight fiber and say it is floating. When in reality it is supported by the pathway bridge supports, you know? It is doable.
Another type of "supports" could be metal poles disguised as lianas. (is it called so? The "swinging things" Tarzan grab while he "flies" through jungle)
I like the idea but then there need to be supports. The new coming themed area in Animal Kingom, Walt Disney World is going to be Avatar. There are floating islands with supports ofcours but you know what i mean
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