Roller Coasters Life-Size PTC "Wildcat" Replica

This is my copy of the "Wildcat", a classic 1927 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. woodie at Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT. It's life-size and has a ride rather similar to the real thing. I'd say it's about 90% accurate on the track and ride experience. The supports aren't so good, thanks to various limitations, but they look enough like the real thing at a distance if you're drunk :D

Workshop link:

Part of my life-size coaster collection:

And the POV:
Looks like a great roller coaster.
Thanks! The peeps certainly like it--it's in the sweet spot for nearly all adults, about 1/2 of families, and a good number of teens. And it's much like the original which has been running since 1927 so I figure real folks like it, too :)
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