Lighting issue?

I'm new on the forums so I dont know if this has been an issue already answered, but I didnt see any. I'm having a weird issue with the lighting on my object. I created a coaster sign so it's a simple slightly extruded shape. I created it with blender 2.8 which was a struggle because all tutorials I found were in 2.7 BUT I got through it and it worked with a little trial and error. The objects loads fine, but i'm having some issues with how it interacts with lights.

My signs actual art / colors are all just a base color texture, I also have a solid white roughness map, and I added an all black specular map. I wanted the sign to be matte and not super reflective / shinny. Which all works, it looks perfect. However, when I got add lights to the object so you can see it at night, the whole front face stays in shadow. The back however, acts normal and reflects the light like any normal object. Then I noticed if I put the light on top of the object it slightly lights. The smaller area lights do seem to work on it though, just the spot lights will not. Ill upload some pictures so you can see what I mean and if anyone knows how to fix this any help is appreciated.

Also side note when I zoom away from the object the texture all of a sudden becomes slightly brighter? I dont know if thats something with the roughness / specular maps acting weird on the other LODs. But if anyone knows about that ether that would be appreciated.

Oh my gosh I figured it out! I felt like it had to be something with the axis and the exporting so I tried like 6 different versions and it worked on one. I originally followed two different tutorials making this and the each had different ways they rotated and positioned the object, and I saw a few people exporting the y-forward z-up differently too. Some reason that didnt work for me probably something to do with the 2.8 blender but I found setting that work. I will post how I have my object rotated and what settings I used to export in case anyone else has this issue later.


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