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Stephen Benedetti

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Greetings Commanders,

Following our news from today, we have decided to cancel all upcoming streams until further notice. We will be updating the forums and social channels regularly with any chances, so do keep an eye on us for news and updates! We're also working to organise some other activities instead of streaming, because we really love our weekly hangouts with you all - again, watch this space for update. Stay safe!

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Stargazing Tours - SPVFA Special

We are back with another Stargazing Tours, looking out beyond the stars to see what wonders await us in Elite Dangerous. BUT, we will not be alone, CMDR Orange Pheonix and CMDR Nickweb85 will be showing Stephen how to hone his photography skills - SPVFA style. Tune in to learn how to take great Elite Dangerous photographs like a pro!

Livestream details
  • Date – 27/08/2020
  • Time – 18:00 (UTC)
  • WhereTwitch
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Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Weekly update for out Content Creators Livestream Schedule
If you are a content creator and want to be added to our bi-weekly newsletter, please head over to our forum post here, and share your channel, dates and times (in UTC please). We will also be regularly updating this thread with submissions bi-weekly.

Science Keeper
New Video every Monday 18:00 (UTC) on their YouTube channel, and they stream live on their Twitch channel at 19:30 (UTC) every Tuesday.

Streaming every Thursday and Saturdays at 17:00 (UTC), on their Twitch channel, with the occasional video guides on their YouTube channel.

Rusty Dog
Streams every Sunday around 14:00-15:00 (UTC) on their YouTube channel! They are just three weeks away from their 5th year showcasing Elite Dangerous!

Streams Monday - Thursday at 21:00 UTC on their Twitch channel, and on Thursday's they tend to do a community event!

They have been broadcasting since February 2299 and they aren't stopping anytime soon! They stream every Tuesday at 19:30 (UTC) on their Twitch channel. You can also tune into their podcast here.

A mix of high energy gamplay AND impromptu music, streaming from their Twitch channel on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday's at 21:00 (UTC).

Usually streams up to three times a week, but you can always find them on their Twitch channel at 12:00 (UTC) on Sundays for a weekly AX Patrol.

A Spanish content creator who streams at 15:30 through out the week on their Twitch channel and publishes news and tutorials over on their YouTube channel!
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