Load failed

Same here. Can see the main menu with my ship and all but can’t enter Open/PG/Solo.

Ticket already submitted.
All sorts of weird bugs and issues. Takes ages to load the game from the main menu and I'm unable to restock at starports (get "server error" when I try to).
having the same issue, could load my save before the update. stays the same after the update. logged in as different user with clean account all is good.

please help
I had issues several hours ago, just after the servers came back up, but I launched into the game just fine now, so maybe it's hit and miss. The 10cr 'restock all' server error's still present and correct, though.
Sounds like it's a good thing that I won't be able to play until next week...
Yeah. Not sure what’s happening but looks like there’s a bug which messes with your module priority (power) if you tinker with outfitting.
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