Looking for an active squad/group

Who am I?
I have played E:D for years off and on, picked back up a couple months ago after a 2 year hiatus.
Active, I average about 10hrs of active game play per week.
I play on PC. Weekdays usually at some point between 1800-2300 EST.
I have only done PvE thus far but am interested in the PvP realm.
Ultimately though, I am simply a man who likes fly spaceships whilst having a pint.

What am I looking for?
An active player base to integrate with prior to the release of fleet carriers this December.
Anti-piracy, I will not join a group that engages in piracy.
Some decent people to chat with in the cold vacuum of space.
Preferably an independent group.
Preferably some anti-xeno activity. I have yet to dive into that realm.
Preferably some interaction with background simulation.

The Alliance Wolfpack Division is looking for pilots, Both new and old that wish to join a Player Faction that will happily help you remember or learn new things about the game.

What we do: Alliance Wolfpack Division does pretty much anything in the game, We have members devoted to mining and teaching members the ropes, Just as much as we have members devoted to combat and trading.

Who we are: The Alliance Wolfpack Division started from the the goal and ambition of working with the Alliance of Independents while looking for a new home to call our own. the Alliance Wolfpack Division is to think of it a Mercenary Company/ Private Security Company.

How we play: The Alliance Wolfpack Division is a mixture of casual gaming for the most part mixed in with more hardcore pushes if its needed. We don't enforce a mandatory amount of time a week to play the game, All we do is ask that our members help when they can where they can. Even two missions can assist us in the long run.

Our Ranks: In the Alliance Wolfpack Division we have ranks spanning from "Recruit" which simply means you have joined the Alliance Wolfpack Division on Inara, The in game Squadron and Discord. To Vice Admiral and Admiral given to the most deserving members. And of course Fleet Admiral given to the leader.

How to rank up: The easiest way to rank up in the Alliance Wolfpack Division is to work for the faction or help recruit new members, The more work or recruiting you do the higher your rank in the Alliance Wolfpack Division will be.

How to join: If this sounds like something you wish to be apart of you can head over to our Inara and Discord server via the links below. Request to join the Inara and join the discord and our command staff will welcome you. To join the in game squadron search for "Alliance Wolfpack Division" or "AWSV" and send in your application.

Inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/5091/

Discord: https://discord.gg/pnSGNmk
Hello CMDR James Holden!

You seem to be describing the squadron I fly with, check out there recruitment thread here https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/aod-angels-of-death-multi-game-clan-with-over-3000-members-pve-bgs-in-game-faction-pvp-no-murder-griefing.507112/

Currently have around 80 active full-time members plus a whole bunch more part-timers from other divisions within our clan. About 60% of our full-time roster are from NA. Members from all time zones means there is always someone to talk to and fly with.

Come check us out.
Fly safe out there CMDR! o7
Forgot to mention the PMF we support that F’Dev inserted into the game for us just over a year ago.
You can check out their progress here on Inara https://inara.cz/galaxy-minorfaction/77086/
We keep an updated thread on our forums so that every member can see where they can help out regardless of what they want to do that day, whether through trading, bounty hunting or conflict zones. Participating in the BGS is not mandatory however, we want you to play the game the way you want to as long as you do not partake in ganking, griefing, or pirating other players.
Hello _James_Holden

Spiral Spirits Division

Do you want to be part of a growing faction that is fun, energetic and helpful? Protector of our home system in Coriat, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Why not join Spiral Spirits Division today? It is a newly created faction, working on their goals to bringing peace throughout the galaxy by expanding and maintaining each system and ending unnecessary wars. Come join us on our mission. We have taken over our home system.

We have got a PMF and an in-game squadron [Squadron ID: SSD1]

We accept all type of players, ideally Imperial Aligned but not essential.
We accept all players from all platforms.
We welcome all players from new to experienced.
We have got quite a few ranks that need filling with dedicated members :)

Join our Discord server to find out more information and apply: https://discord.gg/6KCpP9x
If that link doesn't work, put this in where it says join server 6KCpP9x on discord.

See you on board CMDR! :)
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