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so I'm very, very keen on finally making it to Sag A*… most I've gone is around 3000LY out before turning back. I know I'll need an engineer-boosted FSD but I'm having some difficulties in pulling it all together. Is there a simple online resource somewhere around;

  • which engineer
  • what to do before you get to them (or what to take)
  • etc!

I've got quite a few friends into Elite after I finally re-upped after 3.0, so I'm asking this for all of them.

Cheers :)


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For increased FSD range you'll need to unlock Felicity Farseer in Deciat.

Gain exploration rank Scout or higher.

Provide 1 unit of Meta Alloys.

You can buy 1T of meta alloys at Danielle's Progress in Maia.

Then if you click on the different classes on this link, it will tell you what materials you need for each level.
It’s worth collecting all the components for g1-5 before going down to Maia for Farseer, this way you can get straight into engineering as soon as you deliver the Meta Alloys.

For the manufactured materials, drop into some Encoded USS, try and collect at least 3xChemical Manipulators (9 spins), and a good few Chemical Distillery's. You’ll also want plenty of Chemical Processors but I often just use a material trader and sacrifice a one or two Chemical Manipulators for 20+ of those...

Datamined Wake Exceptions usually take the longest. Use a very fast ship like a Viper3/Cobra 3 with A rated thrusters and distributor and go wake scanning outside a busy starport. By the time you get your Datamined Wake Exceptions you’ll almost definitely have enough of all the other wakes to keep you going, but check anyway...

Raw materials, just hit up a planet. I usually just go to one that contains all three of the required raws for modding FSD’s. (Manganese/Phosphorus/Arsenic if I remember right)
Thanks very much to you both, I'm now up to 40LY on my AspX jump range. Am now jumping into encoded emissions for materials and busily planning my Sag A* expedition.

When an Engineer unlocks another Engineer is it immediately evident or do I need to keep checking the engineer panel?
You can actually attain Scout exploration rank while on the way to get meta alloys for Farseer.

Honk scan on the way down, scoop up an alloy, cash the data in at a station there, or back near Farseer’s home system of Deciat
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