Looking for group.

I usually play at ocx/sea prime time. I have no experience in BGS or Powerplay, but I'm willing to learn&play if it seems fun. I do any contents which intrigues me when I log in. But I've only solo-ed Cyclops once, so I can't say I'm experienced with Thargoids either. Never played with anyone else except those time with random guys flying over in Open.

I'm looking for a group that does various activities. And I'm thinking that BGS would bring me new experience, so it'd be great if I get some pointers.

I'm not a native english speaker & can't use microphone. So it'd be great if a group that has tolerence with those conditions.

Wish to hear from groups that are interested to invite me.
Greetings CMDR we are The Retro Faction Of Voltrigones, you can find us at www.rfov.co.uk

We are a European based faction on PC/PS4 though mainly PS4, though we are happy to accommodate people from around the world.

We engage in many actives including BGS, if you waould like to find out more check our website.
Hello 2ndsierra!

Spiral Spirits Division


Do you want to be part of a growing faction that is fun, energetic and helpful? Protector of our home system in Coriat, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Why not join Spiral Spirits Division today? It is a newly created faction, working on their goals to bringing peace throughout the galaxy by expanding and maintaining each system and ending unnecessary wars. Come join us on our mission. We have taken over our home system and have now expanded into a new system.

We have got a PMF and an in-game squadron [Squadron ID: SSD1]

We accept all type of players, ideally Imperial Aligned but not essential.
We accept all players from all platforms.
We welcome all players from new to experienced.
We have got quite a few ranks that need filling with dedicated members :)

Join our Discord server to find out more information and apply: https://discord.gg/UsQ3KWD
If that link doesn't work, put this in where it says join server UsQ3KWD on discord.

See you on board CMDR! :)
Hey 2ndsierra,

If you may be interested in a bit more villainous and fun style of play, the Crimson Privateers could be something for you.

We are mainly involved in (not the usual) BGS-Play and PVE / PVP Piracy.

See You in the black!
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