[LFG] Looking for large active squadron

Hey! :) I'm looking for a decently sized and active squadron on pc that runs fun events frequently. I am UTC+10 so will fit in better with a US based squad, however I am open to any.
If you are interested in Utopia, and AI which is more on the human side then on the machine, then the Acheron Syndicate is looking for you. We are a helpful and respectful group with broad activities (which includes having fun events too - I'm not too sure about the frequently though). I think we are decent sized enough to be mentioned, and we have members from the US. We are currently focusing on expanding our territory, and gathering new members because we are a new squadron.

Working on the Acheron Interface (More information in-game → Codex → Knowledge base → Individuals → Pranav Antal.) is a complicated and sophisticated procedure because it involves creating neuro-quantum algorithms which requires server biomes. To upkeep the quality of the research it requires a lot of material, ideas, and control to make it work. It is why the Syndicate have to be a big scale operation one day. Being part of Utopia the secondary purpose is to help it in the control of the region so Pranav Antal has more time to work on his projects.

But truth be told we are focusing on having fun, helping each other and Utopia's community. We are not locking out roles and types of commanders but we have rules on being a decent person in our squadron.

If you are interested check out our INARA page for more information and links for stuff on the link below.


I hope you find your squadron of choice sooner than later.
Fly dangerously Commander.
Arbor Caelum is rapidly growing, we exist to create a framework of support and expansion for all of our members. Newly minted, we are anticipating the addition of our own Minor Faction to the game to add in opportunities for further activity. Please take a look at our squadron page on Inara.cz and find us on Discord at:
Website https://inara.cz/squadron/5795/

Discord Invite https://discord.gg/zuHWBRw

Membership is not required to join our discord, we are always excited to welcome new members. Feel free to come join our growing squadron.
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