Ships Looking for some advice from my fellow commanders

Hello fellow commanders,

I have just started playing ED and I am mesmerized by the large sandbox universe. I play the game in VR and with a HOTAS setup and the immersion is mind-blowing. So far I have dipped into exploration and mining and have gathered about 210 million credits.

Now I plan to make the next step and build myself a ship that gives me the Han Solo vibes. Space buccaneer ready for adventure. The ship should

  • Fit my budget plus one buyback (hah)
  • Have a great view in VR
  • should offer a wide range of gameplay options

I have chosen the Krait MK II to be my "Millennium Falcon".

From what I gather it has a nice view from its cockpit, it is reasonably fast and nimble and can fulfill a wide range of roles.

This is the build I plan to go with (hope it works):

I built it to do:

  • Some smuggling / trading
  • Being able to take on some passengers
  • Do some exploring
  • Do "missions" (read it somewhere but have no idea what that is tbh)
  • Grind Engineers in between
  • Be able to defend against NPCs or run if outgunned

So I have fitted as many different modules to do as many different things as possible. (I have only unlocked the Farseer Engineer and aligned to Grade 5, but not unlocked the G5 modifications yet). This is not about making money as fast as possible, but more for immersion. And to experience the game in a new way without having to switch ships a lot. Not sure if this makes sense, but I would be super grateful if some of the Elite commanders here could have a look and let me know if I am totally wasting my money on the build and receive some pointers on what to change to get closer to my space scoundrel goal.

Many thanks in advance!

You can't do too many things with just one ship, unless you swap modules/weapons a lot in between, and it'll never be optimal in anything, focus on unlocking some engineers first then go for a Python and a Phantom ;) One (Python) fit for more flexibility, the other (Phantom) fit a s a Combat Raider.
Hello and welcome!

I'm no ship expert, so I won't comment on the specific build, rather, just make a couple of suggestions.

I would concentrate in the first part on engineering all the core internals that you can. Get those thrusters done. Get that power plant done. Add the experimentals. I might think about removing a couple of those lasers and adding some Multi Cannons. As @Oytis57 above says, carrying a passenger cabin full time when you pick up a delivery mission of 180tons, is just a waste of module space and makes the mission harder and longer. Get all the modules but adapt the ship for each mission you take. This is why it is good to have a home base. Pick a station. Have all your modules stored there.

What I typically used to do was think, well, I fancy doing a passenger run. Zip into outfitting, load the cabins, go check the mission boards. Or I might think, I fancy hauling cargo, in out fitting, get as many cargo racks on board, go check the missions board.

Exploration, this depends on each person's definition of exploration. I personally wouldn't use that craft, in that state, to explore much. I would use something smaller, built for the purpose.

Whatever you do, have fun.
I agree with the advice above to specialize. Having racks, cabins, SRV, collector controller and so on at the same time makes the ship versatile on paper, but especially for cargo runs and passenger missions it will be ill-suited. I don't agree that you should switch ships as noted above. Pick the ship that gives you a connection. Kraits do have a Millenium Falcon vibe. Feeling a connection to the ship is important I think. Once you are rich, you can begin to build dedicated ships for speciffic roles. This is nice because you can just grab a ship and go, depending on the sort of activity you want to engage in, and not worry about module swapping and rejigging priorities and firegroups. But when you're new to the game, funds are limited and having a big fleet of specialized ships is out of reach for the moment. So that means module swapping like Oytis said. This will be key to making your Krait capable of taking on the best of the mission types you want to fly.

I'll throw out one of my Kraits. This ship was designed as a rumble bus, which is just my term for a passenger hauler with weapons, to turn the tables on interdictors. It has no scoop as shown, but I will throw one in to replace the C3 cabin or GFSDB when needed. It seats 55 Business class, and there are a ton of missions in the passenger lounge that call for 54 Business seats. High-level (Elite) bulk-haul missions pay well, and often have G5 mats and Rep+++++ as rewards. They are always one hop of about 20 light years or less, so no scoop is needed and can be done in five minutes, arrival time notwithstanding. The GFSDB isn't needed in this ship, but at any time I might change it up and like having the jump on hand to head off in whichever direction I choose to go.

Parabellum Rumble Bus

Swapping the cabins for racks turns it in to an armed merchant cruiser, with I think 206t of capacity? This can handle the best and biggest Boom Time delivery missions. Then, if you want to go mine, or explore, some more module swapping is in order. So I'd recommend you specialize for role, and take advantage of the modularity to tailor it to the specific role of the day. The ship will be better suited, more efficient and give you a better ROI on your time.

Good hunting commander, and welcome to the boards.
You need to up the shielding significantly so I'd dump the wake scanner/chaff and heatsink for more shield boosters for 512 MJ better but a bit short of the high resistance 700 - 800 MJ I run on my Kraits.

Weapons are fine I use the beam/MC setup on several builds although currently I testing a Krait mk2 with engineered Pacifier frag cannons in place of the MC's (great results against Anaconda sized targets).

If the wake scanner is just for wake data collection (engineering FSD's) I'd have a small long range build for collecting wakes at distribution centres in famine systems, I usually fit one to my bubble taxi Dolphins like this. The Dolphin can run very cool so worth a look as a smugglers ship

Don't listen to the optimise-at-all costs, must have multiple ships, nay sayers. Playing as a one-ship Cmdr is easily doable, and can be quite rewarding - no focus on the almighty credit and the next ship, sense of freedom from fleet management & a home base, attachment to a single ship. Imo, you have chosen the right ship: medium size access to all station types, enough internal flexibilty to run as a multi-role, better combat profile than the Python, better cockpit than the Python, capable of launching an SLF, and damn cool looking.

Your build has all the basics of a decent multi-role, but I would consider a few changes.
1. If you're not going all in for combat, you can downsize that shield to a 5C bi-weave (unlock Elivra and you can quickly engineer it to G3)
2. If you're not going all in for exploration, you can downsize your FSD booster to a size 4, and you're still getting 32-38ly jumps which is more than enough for the bubble, and more than I had on the Krait I took to Beagle Point and back. I don't think you'll find much use for that size 4 SCB - if your shield drops, with G3 Thrusters (Felicity), you'll be able to easily boost away from any NPC (especially with chaff).
3. Unless you're going pirating or gathering wake data for engineering, the Frameshift Wake scanner is of little multi-role utility. Swap that for another Shield Booster and engineer both of them (Felicity) for Resistance Augmented, Super Capacitor. If, after extensive flying, you find yourself not using that heat sink (especially without a SCB) swap it for another Shield Booster.

Doing 1 & 2 opens up your three biggest optional internals - 2 size 6 and 1 size 5. This gives you quick flexibilty if you find an interesting system and want to stick around running slightly larger/different missions - up to 160t of cargo, up to 80 passengers, an SLF and 2 size 5 HRPs for some light combat, swap a few modules and you've got a decent 128t miner, etc.

I would also swap the weapons around - I find two large beams and three multicannons work better in my multi-role Krait (especially after a bit of engineering).
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First off: many thanks for the detailed answers, the feedback and the recommendations! This is exactly what I was looking for. Super helpful.

It seems I made a decent choice with the ship, so the Krait it is. I will heed the advice and chose a home station and adjust the modules to the requirements of the missions. But first I guess I will have to look for some upgrades from those Engineers as suggested.

Once again thanks for the insightful replies. Great community (bow).

Space: the final frontier, here I come.

Might I add -- the Krait II is a great allrounder, but if you want more of a Millenium Falcon feel, you might prefer the Krait Phantom. It's basically a stripped down racing model -- same Core internals, a bit less Optional internals, one hardpoint less -- but much lighter, therefore faster and with excellent jumprange. ^^
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