Looking to Join my First Squadron

New to Elite Dangerous. I'm in the market for my first squadron. I am flexible and willing to learn and take part in multiple disciplines.

I have used YouTube guides to learn much of the basics. I've leveraged YouTube to earn several hundred million through core asteroid mining and exploration... I've been playing for a little over a week but have played other Space Sim-ish games before.

I have a small growing fleet of ships that I'm eager to continue developing and learn to leverage with the company of other players. I'm very interested in working with other players in wings, and meeting up with and generally being around other like minded players. I consider myself mature, low key and down to earth. I use profanity a lot but I'm trying to tone that down.

I'm big into team play and team goals. I would like to try multi-crew and take part in a wing. I love flying in formation and want to explore this within the Elite Dangerous universe. I occasionally stream in order to share my perspective with the people I fly with.

I have TrackIR and HOTAS (X56 Rhino). I can communicate on Discord or TS2 or 3. (Prefer voice coms on Discord).

I don't like griefing or piracy, however I am interested in dabbling-in and learning PvP mechanics. I have absolutely no experience in PvP but would like to become proficient. Overall, I think I'm a competent pilot and with a good teacher or some guidance/tips could learn to fly with the best. I would like to expand into bounty hunting.
Hi there Asteri Peripatitis,

Awesome name there!

Excellent work building your fleet and bank account! It's a tough galaxy out there. Happy to send you a multi-crew invite and you can ride shotgun in deep space exploring strange new worlds, or closer to the bubble laser mining painite. Can chat more about your goals and what you see yourself doing in the galaxy.

I would offer to have you join my squadron, especially with a name like yours, however we are a peaceful exploration squadron. We do fight defensively against Thargoids, and helped with repelling them from the Witchhead Nebula a while back. We do not engage in violence towards other CMDR's, and mostly play in the Mobius PVE PG.

As for wingmates, and people to socialize with, maybe give the Mobius discord a visit? It's well run, very friendly, and there's almost always people doing something at any given hour.

Don't hesitate to send a friend request to either (or both) characters below. Happy to offer assistance and advice.


Hi there Commander Asteri Peripatitis
I'd like to introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short)
Even if you don't join you are most welcome to call in and chat. ask questions, look for support and wing up, or whatever.

We are a possibly one of the biggest, small Player Minjor Factions. We are a well established group with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"
Our base of operations is in our home system of Zaonce, Ridley Scott station.
The home of the Zaonce Fleet and the Bank of Zaonce.
Our systems include Arque, the new home of Professor Palin and Tionisla, where the famous Ships Graveyard is reputed to bear permanent monument to many a brave pilot.

We are a friendly bunch and we love helping out Noobs.
Although we are mostly based around Europe (predominantly the UK) we do have a few US players..
Now that we have Professor Palin in our jurisdiction we are having what the ancient Chinese called interesting times. Especially with the PvP groups that enjoy making life difficult around Engineers, Community Goals and other popular venues.

A lot of us were here in '84 and as far as game play goes we moslty bimble about engaging in pretty much whatever come to mind.

Our activities include PVE exploration
PvP in a training group called "Fighter Club" (See my signature. No membership required) and with an anti ganker group caled The SPEAR Network.
Thagoid hunting in the Pleiades
Racing SLFs, SRVs and other vehicles in odd and remote locations
Driving SRVs into space stations...
Like you we don't approve of Griefing or engage on Piracy, but we do tolerate Pirates if they are honorable and try to avoid killing players.

Well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's fun.
Join our forum thread and lend us your ideas.

Background Simulation or Powerplay?
Yes we also involve ourselves in the Background Simulation and Powerplay aspects of the game. Flipping systems for the Alliance, fighting to keep or control systems etc.

You pretty much couldn't find a more friendly bunch of commanders with an eye for fun and a taste for adventure always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try.

Come along and give us a go. Links to our Discord channel and the Fighter Club thread are in my signature, or you could apply on INARA where you will find our Faction page.

Time zone is GMT UK but we are to be found online pretty much any time.
Asteri, our group might be too small for you. We are growing slowly but steadily. We have a dozen members, all of whom are co-equal and free to recruit as they please. We are also open to alliances with other squadrons, so if you wind up finding a different home, feel free to reach out any time if you are looking to wing up. Good luck!

Hello Asteri Peripatitis if you are still looking to join a squadron you can join New Republic we are a Minor Faction as well if you want to join you are more then welcome if you want to join just PM me and then i can give you details or you can find us on the Inara website just search for New Republic.
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