Looking to join the No1 fun Elite dangerous Group? *Freelancer's Allience*

Platform: PC
Timezones: Multi National
Comms type: Discord
Links: https://inara.cz/wing/3697/ | https://discord.gg/ZepyQ4X

This is a multi-game group focused on building community and social connections for players. We aim to cultivate a friendly atmosphere for gamers to hang out and have fun. We are a community first and a gaming second group. Additionally, we are a multi-national group with members across the globe and spanning many time zones.

The Freelancer Alliance is not driven by tribalism of gameplay styles or narratives. There is no leadership within our group, nor any form of autocracy to burden our members with chores in exchange for membership. Here, every member is given equal voice to express their opinion without persecution. No administrative action will be taken against a member for disagreeing with any member. The aim here is to allow ideas to flow in the open and to promote a pluralistic group of players. "Having fun" is the core value of this group and I encourage every member to engage in those activities in game that give them that satisfaction, whether it be to recruit and train noobs in the game or station gank every player leaving or entering a CG.

It is with these values in mind, that our doors are open even to those players we destroy or get destroyed by in open play. All of us have an opportunity to learn from one another while also promoting a free & open player group society.
This freedom from gameplay discrimination have enabled our group to grow stronger each day.
We welcome all players to join our community, have a laugh and ultimately, have fun! Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/awyYNNplayer

Ian Phillips

Volunteer Moderator
Please enure that you post in the correct language forums... somehow this was posted in the Polish language forums.
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