Main Wishlist Thread

I hope this thread will be useful to the developer so if you can help me and PM me categories to list and links to paste please PM me. :) I want this game to be the ultimate zoo tycoon there will ever need to be for many years to come! :)

Why have i done it this way?
Don't you all like it this way so you can see what the ideas are from the community all organize and put under categories? :) Its why i have put links only cause i dont have the time to add more description to the link and this will grow big over time so i will try to maintain as long as possible!


Worst and best Animals


Training captive animal to be Wild

Capturing escape Animals Manual and ideas

Transporting Animals

Guiding animals out of exhibit

Animal & Guess Interaction

Animal Behaviour

Animal Houses


Animals - Birds

Other animals


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Animal Care
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Penguin Enrichment


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I've moved the thread to the general area as it's not so much a wishlist as suggestions.

Bird & animal attraction event!


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Are these suggestions or is this just a dumpster for links to anything zoo related?
It's a collection of threads about suggestions and links to items that could be used as suggestions for Planet Zoo.

As also explained by DM to you @StenellaDolphin please don't create any more 'reserve' posts. You can simply reply with new ideas and suggestions as time goes on.

I'll keep an eye on this ;)
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