Major Bug

I need some help here FDev... over the last while on my xbox1 I have noticed some serious bugs in your last update..

Bug number one my srv lost its ability to fire weapons.. while out exploring in colonia... I tried everything to get it to fire and then ended up selling it.. in the end I repurchased it thinking it would reset itself but with no success so I sold it again... and yes I did try resetting the system and logging back in with again no success.. checking to make sure it was powered etc.. and fire grouped properly..etc

Bug two... game crashes 2 times for no reason??

Bug three... after selling the srv I just decided to grind and do courier missions until I got interdicted and behold I went into a battle and now my weapons are not working on my Krait??! Lucky I was able to get out of the fight but but what the hell is going on???

I mean take down the system for a couple of days and fix the bugs.. we pay good money on add-ons to not to have it crashing like this??


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I know there is a pretty nasty bug where if you self-destruct an SRV, you can't replace it in the vehicle bay. You have to sell the vehicle bay and repurchase it before you can buy a replacement SRV.
I haven't added the issue to the tracker myself, I've been on holiday, but there is one for PC.

The other issues - are you sure you're not switched to analysis mode?
I am thinking the problem is in the programming when they added the super cruise assist and planetary launched probes you launch from super cruise programming.. though you wouldn’t think it would be related, but just after it happened these issues became more pronounced.. I’ve also had the system crash after turning in codex info at the stations..
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