Make perfect rectangular pits

I want to make a perfect rectangular shallow pit and put water in it for the Main Street of my park. Is that possible? You could do that in RCT3. How do you do it in PC? Use walls to make a mold? I saw someone made a perfect mold of raised land, can you do the opposite and make perfect sunken land?
shape tools for the terrain editor would be great, its highly requested [up] for now there are a few work arounds, most people just finess it and get better with practice, but Ive seen videos where you can place walls to where you want the terrain to line up
It takes some practice and a few sneaky workarounds. But yes you can.
As Creaper mentioned.. "Custom Buildings" is your friend here.
But as with my recent attempt at a "Silo" (think ICBM) you might find the 'right' shape isn't quite right... Or the Negative for the shape you have doesn't exist yet...
Like the quarter circle roof tiles don't have its negative counter part...
But for a square shape, you should be perfectly fine.
Would be nice if we could add our own brushes like in cities skylines for example

also i would love some bigger size brushes, 30 in size is just too small. I would love it to be 100 so we could flatten big chunks of terrain faster. Right now it takes 30mins to flat your entire map or something
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