Meet the Team Q&A - James Stant

James Stant

I know I'm way too late to post in this thread, but I just wanted to say how much I love the sound of placing a tiled roof. [big grin]
It's sooooooo satisfying.
I always turn the volume up before building something [haha] That wooden *plonk* and the sound of the stone walls is also very cool.

Extremely well done! Thank you for that! [happy]
Thanks very much for the kind words, Liz; I've forwarded them onto Michael, our wonderful audio designer handling scenery items - he'll be very pleased to read this, I'm sure [heart]
Fun read!
I'm really happy about the fact that the audio in Planet Coaster but I'm even happier to read that custom audio importing is being considered. Planet Coaster offers so much room for personality in the way it handles everything - the wide variety of details, building pieces, lightning can make a park of dreams that's unique to you: adding music to that would be a whole other dimension.
I compose and produce mainly orchestral myself and being able to make music totally customized to the feel of my parks and my rides would be simply mind-blowing. I came out of the lurker shell to tell you that, and I really hope this will be a thing!

Thanks for all the great work you've done so far!
James! I’d love it if you checked my thread ‘PLANCO - Isn’t it boring?’. I know the title sounds rather harsh but it’s not a dig at you as I don’t know how much background you have in linguistics. But I’d really love to get on board with Planco and making it sound as naturally unnatural as possible if that makes any sense lol.
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