Memorial for my little commander

Many play to get a brief escape from a grim reality, but thankfully so few under such tragic circumstances. You have my utmost sympathy.

Should Fdev not respond as hoped to your post, then it may ultimately be down to you and your online friends to craft a memorial into the game somehow.
There have been a few suggestions above. Maybe, one day, a fleet carrier named for her; persistent, unique, helping and protecting other commanders out in the deep black. It could become a beacon. Many of us, would, I'm sure be only too happy to help if we can.


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o7, CMDR!

My condolences, I am terribly sorry to hear about your loss, as a father of a kid in a similar age I can't imagine how hard these times must have been and still are. The idea from Michael above is a great one, and something others will be able to encounter. You could use EVELYN as your ship ID or ship name, to keep her with you out there (she'll always be in you, of course) and show her the galaxy.

Condolences and my thoughts are with you and your family. My small memorial* will remain on my Eagle which will soar among the stars for all to see. o7
(* The only ship in my fleet not now named after a Pink Floyd track):

Edit: As a more meaningful gesture I have made an in memoriam donation to Cancer Research UK* as I have done previously when some of those close to me have succumbed to this dreadful disease.
*they do very good work.


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A few days ago my daughter's 11 year old body succumbed under the strain of the fight against cancer. She was brave and wonderful and could have fought forever if it was up to her spirit.
Mike, my deepest sympathies. As parents, this is our burden; to watch our hearts walking around outside of our bodies, and for there to be limits on how much we can protect them. Evelyn is no longer earthbound. She is free to explore, unhindered by either physics or fear.

All my best, CMDR.
My heart truly goes out to you and your family finding yourselves in the unimaginable and most feared circumstances of any parent.

Whilst FDev may be unable to fulfil your request, based purely on the amount of work required and number of requests, I know that they will share the same feeling of genuine sympathy as your fellow Cmdrs have expressed in this thread. Perhaps as parents as well as Devs (and the many other roles) they will have the added sense of helplessness knowing they are unable to grant your request.

I hope the community will continue to provide you an escape and place to remember the essence of Evelyn.
My deepest condolences, CMDR. Sad indeed. I too have enjoyed ED as a means to ease the stresses of life sometimes, with it's beauty and calmness.

To FDEV: I just bought $60 worth of ARX. I respectfully request that the proceeds of this be used toward meeting CMDR jellowiggler's request. Thank you.
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I wish to visit this place, to pay my respects.

Thank you for all of your kind replies. This is was not named for her. I might end up adopting it though. I have not heard from fdev yet. It hasnt been that long since posting. I do appreciate continued awareness. Please tweet the url of this thread to @elitedangerous. It might get their attention.

Thank you to all the commanders for setting ship names, etc... keep posting pics of them if you do so. It's pretty cool. When i get back to my pc i'll be doing the same. I name my ships after Pearl Jam songs, my next will be Evelyn with her bday for the ship id.
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