Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Mini Updates that could be added to JWE

This is the sequel to my "How to Make JWE Even Better" post that casts out ideas and features that won't require huge teaser updates.
1. Improved behavior
So the first feature in this list is improved dinosaur behavior. I know this isn't exactly a new idea and has been commented on many times but I would like to see not only behavior in enclosures, but also behavior not in enclosures. I was making a sandbox park and I needed to test the Indominus exhibit (because we all know how fussy she is) and it wasn't to her liking and she broke out. I had cleared the map of vegetation to see where I was building and put basic paths down to test the park and I noticed that she was always running very close to the paths. I would like to see behavior where dinosaurs would like to hide in trees or non populated areas. I would also like to see improved transitions between running animations.
2. Terrain tools
Obviously we've all encountered a time when we couldn't place a building because of terrain constraints etc. I don't know if improving the terrain tools is more strict because of universal but there are countless times where I would place something and it would lower or elevate the ground and looked very odd. This would be one of the larger updates and I would like to have a little more creativity with paths going up slopes. One thing would be adding stairs or railings to the sides of paths (far fetched) but overall terrain tools should be updated.
3. Glitches and phasing
Another small dinosaur update regarding behavior except more in the animations. I would like the dinosaurs to be slightly farther from the fence when turning and starting animations because they can either phase through the fence slightly or their tails glitch and do some crazy acrobatics. I would also like to add dinosaur interactions like for example, an animation that changes their direction when approaching another dinosaur to prevent phasing.
4. Monorail improvements
When building my Jurassic World, I placed a monorail station behind the Innovation Center and added another one near the entrance. I tried going both directions with the rail pieces and just could not get it to advance the correct way. I wanted it to go left to right over the lagoon like in the movie but no matter what I did even after destroying the stations, didn't work. I would just like to see an interaction switch on the information panel that read "Switch direction". This is probably the easiest and least difficult of the update ideas I have. The last idea that I have for the monorail is the ability to build off the arrival points of the islands because the 2 station variants are essentially the same.
5. Path construction
This is mainly to the wide paths not having trash cans or alternating color banners on every sign post. Also more flexible path directions like in between buildings or tight spaces.
I wish they would do that for this game too but so far it doesn't look like they're interested in updating at my friend hopefully the sequel possibly announced June 10th will address the all those problems if it is a sequel.
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