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Hello everyone
This is a pack idea I have compiled to formulate 10 missing animals from the base game which can make the game feel more of a zoo with these animals. These are some community favourites and some personal picks of my own that can make the game better and more diverse.
  1. Meerkat: A small carnivorous mammal from Southern Africa, their closest relatives are mongooses such as the Yellow and Banded Mongooses.
  2. Amur Leopard: A large cat from Eastern Siberia in Russia, they are one of the most critically endangered animals on Earth with a rough estimate of 20 animals remaining in the wild, however they have a captive population of over 200.
  3. Fennec Fox: A small canid from North Africa's Sahara Desert. They have the largest ears of any canid, and are also nocturnal, shy and elusive.
  4. Hamadryas Baboon: A large baboon species found in North-Eastern Africa and around the Red Sea into Saudi Arabia. They can be found in troops that seem like armies of over 200 animals.
  5. American Alligator: An animal providing us with one animal that represents the wetland biome intensively, with a large population occurring across the Southern United States even entering the Urban environment. They are also the 8th largest crocodilian, but even though they aren't the largest of crocodilians they are nonetheless one of the most famous.
  6. Southern White Rhinoceros: Although we do have the tallest rhino, the Indian variety, we still don't have an African rhino, this one in particular can have a social range of up to 7 animals allowing them to coincide with other current animals such as Giraffe and Zebras in savannah exhibits.
  7. Przewalski's Wild Horse: This is an animal which WAS extinct in the wild. Through collaborative conservation efforts between international zoos such as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Taronga Western Plains Zoo and multiple others helping to restore a wild population of over 1,900 animals in the world today, lifting their extinct in the wild status to critically endangered to now being considered endangered. This will also increase equine variety.
  8. Caracal: This will add a small cat to the roster and also being a quite docile animal in captivity with a ruthless hunting reputation in the wild, being sighted catching flying birds in mid-air.
  9. California Sea Lion: This pinniped is an animal that would add to the animal roster in the way of giving us a seal that moves fast on land and in the water, faster than the current Grey Seal.
  10. Blue Iguana: This beautiful lizard of the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean of Central America, was once on the very brink of extinction, however due to intense conservation efforts and the eradication of the invasive Green Iguana has allowed their numbers to climb to now being a symbol of conservation, and what we can achieve when we all work together.
Hope you agree with this pack, adding highly desirable animals to the animal roster.
Africa: meerkat, fennec fox, hamadryas baboon, southern white rhino, caracal (5)
Asia: Amur leopard, hamadryas baboon (a bit), Przewalski’s horse, caracal (3)
North America: Alligator, California sea lion (2)
South/Central America: Blue iguana (1)

Europe: ...............
Australia: ..............

‘Nuf said
It's a great List even though I would prefer the Olive Baboon (but of course I would still be happy with the Hamadryas Baboon).
But I don't think we'll get such a Pack because Frontier always seems to want to have a big Star Animal so the DLCs sell better, which is why I believe we will see at least some of them but not all in the same Pack.

Didn't know that there are only approximately 20 Amur Leopards left in the Wild. A few Years ago, there where approximately 30. I hope the wild Population will survive
The number of Amur Leopard is (very slowly) rising, the latest estimate is a population of around 70-100 in the wild and 200 in Zoo's.

This video from Helsinki Zoo about Amur leopards is very interesting:

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If you don't mind, I have a couple other species that I've seen in zoos that might also fit. To make it easier to divide, imma gonna divide the list by animal family:


1. Reticulated Python - the longest snake that is alive today
2. Green Anaconda - despite having the Yellow Anaconda, this species is much larger, the heaviest snake alive today
3. Cobra (any) - we're missing Cobras. My personal choices are the Red Spitting Cobra or the Indian Cobra, but we'll probably get the King Cobra
4. Mamba (any) - we'll likely get the Black Mamba, but Green Mambas are amazing, too

Turtles and Tortoises

1. Alligator Snapping Turtle - a huge, powerful predator (with a temper)
2. Mata-Mata - I don't know what to put here. They look like Snapping Turtles to me, though
3. Box Tortoise - a common tortoise


1. Axolotl - a strange Salamander from Mexico
2. Blue Poison Frog - yes, we have 2, but this would add another, commonly seen Frog
3. Caecillian (spelled correctly?) - a snake-like amphibian


1. Clouded Leopard - the sole member of the "medium-cats" (made it up), this elusive cat is a beautiful addition to any zoo
2. Ocelot - a small cat that is frequently mistaken for a Jaguar
3. Bobcat - a strong Lynx from North America
4. Puma - A super adaptable cat in the America's


1. Coyote - an extremely common animal sometimes regarded as a pest
2. Fox (any) - highly adaptable dogs from all over the northern hemisphere


1. River Otter (any) - although we have the Giant Otter, we are missing a smaller species. There are many choices, all of them fun to watch


1. Capybara - the largest rodent, perfect for mixed species enclosures with Anteaters and Tapirs
2. Beaver (any) - both Beaver species look almost identical, so either the European or American are fine


1. White-Tailed Deer - has a huge range in the America's and frequently seen
2. Red Deer - found throughout the northern hemisphere, has a nice rusty color

That's all I can think of. Did I forget something? I'm sure most of these will not make it into the game, but still (better to keep expectations low so that if it doesn't happen I don't cry but if it does I jump up for joy)
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I like your initial list RedPandaReggie. The only one I'd change out is the Caracal and replace it with the Capybara. I totally get where you're going with the small cat idea though. Otherwise this looks like a really strong pack. Of course I'd make some personal changes as well, but I do think that would be the one really logical change to make overall.
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