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How many Screens do you have?

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Mobile wallpaper

Something a little different. mobile wallpapers




Sweet baby jebus! Sweet wallpapers mate - nicked the lot and will do the same for my work PC tomorrow :)

Cheers! Keep up the excellent work!
a BIG thank you

Thank you Mobius and Psykokow. I had it framed and I think it looks fantastic.


I'll be going now, if anybody want's to contact me please do so by email. I'll pop on here every now and again but not often.
Mobius, there is a reason you get all this positive feedback you know... its coz you deserve it..

I have my iphone wallpaper, I have my drifting in space pic, awesome ID card.. Elite Logo boxers..

Life is just not complete without a touch of mobius...

For the record he did not touch me!!
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