Modular Building ATTRACTIONS

Hey there, Planet Coaster crew. I am a big fan of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, and was hyped to hear Frontier would be making a new theme park simulator. I jumped on the alpha and am ecstatic with how things are already, can't wait to see how the game with evolve.

Wanted to get an idea/suggestion in.
The modular buildings are a great addition. People are already making brilliant custom shops, and toilets. But why stop there.
It would be fantastic to be able to attractions and rides within these modular buildings as well. For example.

This arcade from RCT3, though looking pretty neat, is pretty big, bulky, and obtrusive with other themes. These tended to be very difficult to tuck away within custom scenery, often having to lower them into the ground.

Modular attractions could be a very manageable 3x3x1 in grid size, and simple in appearance/theme. This can lead to some very creative buildings from the community.
I figured it would work well for attractions that are normally within enclosed areas.
Arcades, Theaters, Laser Tag, etc.
If anyone knows any other attractions you'd like to see implemented into Planet Coaster's modular building mechanic, feel free to mention them.

Keep up the great work.[up]