Monte Gogo, a Scenario


Happy April Fool's Day! Some scenarios are paeans to perfection, showing by example how things should be done in Planet Coaster. This isn't one of those. Every existing ride needs some help, from subtle timing tweaks to full over-hauls. Including some queue reworks? Could be! And what's that coaster doing waaaaaay over there?

A re-rework of the Career scenario Chief Beef's Raceway. Expanded scenery intended to compliment the original, some replacements made where later capabilities or DLC allow for improvements. Real-world Monaco-MonteCarlo station and the Marseille–Ventimiglia railway inspired the transport ride. And of course tweaked terrains, objectives, research trees, guest traits, etc. Feel free to load this into the Scenario Editor before playing and make any changes that'll make it easier/harder for you.


+ New transport ride, an Iron Horse, but using 30° turns so it can feasibly be replaced with a LightLine if you want to modernize.

+ New developed area in an awkward location, linked by the transport ride, including a themed coaster with triggered effects.

+ L'hôtel Danielle is now a working hotel with decorated interior.

+ All objectives winnable . . . so I'm told. Although I've playtested this, they haven't all been won by me.

+ Coasters with standard car-swaps ( ) are together in the same research trees (when not available at startup).

+ Starter kart track bits near the lighthouse have been split from the city's kart track (which means occasional "not finished" notifications, sorry). If you'd rather, a kart track using that path for the second kart-based objective is available in the Workshop at

+ There are some billboards in the park (one on the Entry Facilities Building, some Spooky Picture Frames in L'hôtel Danielle) -- if you want to use the images I intended for them they can be downloaded from my dropbox here ( Circuit Raceway Scenario ).

!!! Some stuff low over water, please turn off collisions in Settings before opening to avoid water disappearing.

The scenery of Chief Beef's Raceway is arguably the best of the career scenarios, I've found it a joy to work with; I'd like to thank the unknown art-devs who originally made this. Please note that the original scenario's scenery-heavy, this one's more so, can bog down lighter computers. Also, I don't speak French -- my apologies for any issues this has caused with new signage and labeling.

= = = = =

Monte Gogo Raceway was built on an old seafront racetrack to take advantage of the area's heritage. But money issues arose during construction -- the resulting track has been deemed a disappointment by the public. The recent fire gutting a neighborhood hasn't helped, especially since your soft-hearted partner bought it for development, saddling the park with the cost & cleanup. And L'hotel Danielle's famous flowerbeds have been killed by blight. Can you realize the site’s potential?




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